Hello and welcome

Welcome to our brand new website which you are about to discover.

Come and discover our current kittens as well as what has happened since we started Titran’s cattery in 2000.

As we are still favoring transparency as well as full information, you can find here all our cats, kittens, neuters and the dear one’s who have left us. But you’ll also read about our breeding philosophy and plans, our permanent & repetitive health control procedures  and of course share our daily small or big adventures & events at our cattery Titran’s.

Our priorities in breeding are:

health, temper & beauty.

Precisely in that order.

About us

We love cats!

Fact One

Our priorities in breeding are: health, temper & beauty. Precisely in that order.

Fact Two

Health & well being of our cats & kittens is our absolute priority number 1

Fact Three

All our breeding cats are free of GSD IV, PK Def and repeatedly tested normal for HCM, PKD/CIN & felv-fiv

Fact Four

Besides health, is purring temper & good sozialisation of our cats & kittens another of our priorities

Fact Five

Besides being very very successful on the show bench all over Europe, our cats & kittens have conquered the 5 continents of the world.

Fact Six

Titran’s = 20 years experience of breeding cats & strong educational background as Pawpeds courses G1, G2 & G3 as well as the dutch diploma ” Fokken Honden & Katten” mandatory for all breeders.

The wild look

Titran’s cats & kittens are a super nice combination of a sweet purring temper and the typical wild look.

A Norwegian forest cat must have a look and expression as if he/she would have come out of the woods that very same day.

One of our main goals in breeding is to preserve that wild look.

If you’re looking for more pictures of our cats & kittens, please visit our Flickr photosite www.flickr.com/photos/titrans

Moving cats

As a picture or a short film often tells more than a thousand words we’ll regularly show here some videos of our cats & kittens inside our house or in the patio.

The archive of our cat video links is on Pinterest.

Let’s get connected!

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