The new website of Titran’s is online as you can see.  We hope you’ll enjoy it. Please give us your feedback about the look, layout, content… as well as the typos you will most certainly find.

As in our previous version of the Titran’s website, you can find full information about all the cats who have been part of our family and breeding program but also on all the litters who have been born in our cattery since 2000.

The English version is the first one to be online but definitely not the last one. Next one will be the Dutch one, followed by the French and finally the German version. It will take a bit of time but it will finally be there.

Currently we do have some kittens which are ready to leave and join their new homes ans we do have a one months old litter which is discovering the world, get used to vet and fresh food and trained on the litter box. You will find them all under ‘current litters’.

This post is also available in: Dutch